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Adblue off - SRC off
Agri & Truck & Boat tuning files
Camshaft tuning
Catalyst heating off - Cold start off
Catalyst off - Second O2-lambda sensor off
Clutch Clamp Pressure Mod
Combined files
Conversion of frf/sgo to bin
Convert readout file to Original file
CVN Bypass Service
DPF off - FAP off
E85 or other special fuels modification
EGR off - AGR off
Exhaust flap control
Fine tuning
Finetuning of base file
ECO tuning
Gearbox tuning
Hardcut limiter
Hardcut Popcorn limiter for diesel
Ignition modification for RON/MON/AKI or Gas
Lambda request modification
Limited Mappack
Machine engine modifications
MAF off
NLS - No Lift Shift
NOX off
OPF off
Original File request
Performance Gauge Mod
Pop and Bang on sportbutton
Pops and bangs
Pops and Bangs Extreme
Pops and Bangs Loud
Pops and Bangs on sportbutton
Pops and Bangs only above 4000rpm
Problem solving
race-rally-dragstrip competition modifications
Readiness calibration
Rescaling of MAP/MAF/Injector/Fuelpump/other
REV/RPM limit higher/lower
Selective DTC Off
Shift Boom (DSG FART)
Special requests
Sportbutton on/off
Stage + Stock / original file request
Stage 1 tuning file for original parts (cars, motorbikes) 2013 - up to now
Stage 2 tuning file for modification inlet/outlet (example: intercooler, sportcat)
Stage 3 BASE tuning file for modification compressor-ratio (example: bigger turbo)
Start/Stop off
Swirl flaps off - drall klappen abschaltung
Torquemonitoring off patch
VMAX speedlimit on/off higher/lower

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