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British Cannabis is the leading private Cannabidol company in the UK. After 310 products were associated with the company were recently advanced and approved by regulators. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) released a list earlier this month.

The Berkshire-based company was approved for 75 products it submitted alone and 235 that it submitted in collaboration with other companies. FSA approved 3,536 products as new or “novel foods” according to the listing, released March 31.

RX Pharmatech Ltd. in Bradford, West Yorkshire, has seen 273 products it is associated with approved. This is the second-highest number. RX Pharmatech submitted 116 product independently and 157 together with other producers.

According to the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), the UK’s market for CBD products in consumer form was worth PS690 millions (EUR814.5million; $905.7million) by 2021. ACI reported that CBD sales have more than doubled in UK over the past year, making it the non-EU’s second largest consumer market, after the USA.

Companies remaining

374 companies were able to see products promoted by the FSA. There were a variety of applications: some companies filed their own applications; others filed as joint applicants with other producers. Some filed separately while others filed jointly There were 70 CBD applications submitted to the FSA.

The products on the list can be sold, but those that fail FSA inspection are not compliant and must be removed. FSA stresses that the approvals were preliminary and that certain products could be removed at later stages.

Pre-validation status (or “awaiting evidence”) was the most common stage of FSA’s novel food approval process. Fifty-seven products representing five companies are now in the final stage of the approval process, they await the FSA’s final decision regarding full authorization.

Clearance is what you seek

FSA’s novel foods approval process is designed to clarify a growing gray market, which has seen thousands of cannabidol products appear in retail outlets over recent years. FSA guidelines stipulate those products in distribution must have been available before February 13, 2020. All products that were introduced after this date are not eligible for consideration.

BRITISH CANNABIS products were presumably obtained from a consortium established by the ACI. ACI stated this week that it is still analysing FSA and would not release any information regarding the number of products or the numbers submitted for applications. ACI’s members list at least 628 products, which includes British Cannabis, among those that advanced.

Applications of EIHA

RX Pharmatech was submitted products by a separate consortium to the European Industrial Hemp Association.

EIHA Projects GmbH received products submitted by 193 companies The EIHA saw 1,992 CBD products preliminarily approve, accounting for about 56% These products were part of two EIHA applications that covered isolates (1.157) and full spectrum extracts (835).

A quick look at the top companies

There were 374 companies involved in the entire list of 3,536 products, here are five top-five based on the number approved by FSA.

British Cannabis

British Cannabis was established in 2015. It is an independent, vertically integrated producer and distributor of cannabis, CBD, and other cannabinoid-rich products.BRITISH CANNABIS supplies white-label products to other brands and makes its own brand products. BRITISH CANNABIS operates its own laboratory, manufacturing facility and warehouse, the company also has dispatch operations and a farm for cannabis research in Portugal. According to the company, it shipped over 50,000 CBD oils to its largest white label clients in the first half 2021, these clients are unidentified but are known as “two of industry’s most well-known brands”. British Cannabis announced in September 2021 it was planning to invest in a new facility. It will include an ISO-accredited cannabis analytics testing lab and a cosmetics line. This could increase its potential capacity by up to three times. It is one of 35 UK testing labs responsible for the “chemist trial” assessment that measures cbd oil and cannabinoid contents in commercial products.

Associated principals : Thomas Whettem CEO & Founder, David Ralston, Managing director

RX Pharmatech Ltd

RX Pharmatech Ltd. doesn’t appear to have a website, and very little public information about it is available Other sources show that the company was established in May 2016. RX Pharmatech is a supplier for bulk isolates, and distillates manufactured by GVB Biopharma in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. RX Pharmatech have also been a party the second-highest FSA product list. RX Pharmatech has been a party of the second highest number of products on FSA. GVB stated it sources raw material from a U.S. farmers’ cooperative. GVB’s website indicates that there is a UK office located in Doncaster, Yorkshire. GVB only has one investor, Decathlon Capital Partners GVB’s website indicates that there is a UK office located in Doncaster, Yorkshire. GVB only has one investor, Decathlon Capital Partners. GVB claims that it has operations in Europe (unidentified location) and Bogota, Colombia. GVB Biopharma has joined Medicaleaf Ltd. in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire, as well as Isomist Ltd. in London, to submit three products for FSA approval. GVB Biopharma has been reported to have in a strategic partnership with Sonder Fulfillment. Sonder Fulfillment a division Golden Triangle Ventures, a Las Vegas-based pennystock company.

Principals associated with RX Pharmatech Ltd. Dominic James Bartle is the director and Damien Jonathan Bove is the director. GVB Biopharma Phillip Swindells is the CEO and co-founder. Jack Feldman is president & Co-founder. Hugh Kinsman is CFO.

Mile High Labs

Mile High Labs in Broomfield, Colorado is a supplier for CBD, CBN and CBG. Mile High reported that in 2019, it raised $100 million through two rounds of funding, including $65 million from MGG Investment Group, New York (2019). Mile High uses raw materials sourced from the USA’s contracted CBD hemp growers to create an extraction facility. According to the company website, it also has a Belfast office.

Associated principals Jonathan Hilley CEO, Ryan Keeler COO, Jodi Gatica VP Quality, Danny Moses, Investor.

Taylor Mammon Ltd

Taylor Mammon Ltd. describes itself as a white label manufacturer and cannabidol distributor, based in Welwyn Garden City. The company operates under the parent company, Kentucky-based GenCanna. OGGUSA Inc. was also known as GenCanna. In May 2020, GenCanna’s majority of assets were sold to MGG Investment Group in New York. In May 2020 the bankruptcy court approved GenCanna’s sale to MGG Investment Group, New York. GenCanna purchased Taylor Mammon’s UK-based CBD Capital in the last year.

Associated principals : Taylor Mammon – Alex Taylor, cofounder; James Taylor chief commercial officer; Nathan Wogman cofounder and managing director. GenCanna/OGGUSA Inc. – Andrew Barnett, CEO; Hassan Akhtar, managing director, Europe.

Sativa Wellness Group

The company, now known as Goodbody Health Inc., has submitted its novel food applications under Sativa Wellness. The Canada-based company is an OTC trader of around 20 cannabidol products. This includes oils, capsules, and gummies There are also laboratories in the UK and Poland for testing CBD products.Goodbody/Sativa Wellness is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2020, the most recent year that public financial reports are available, the company reported a loss close to $6.5 million (PS5,000,000). Goodbody shares trade at $0.05 (5c) currently. Goodbody’s UK subsidiary, PhytoVista Laboratories (April 2022) was granted a controlled-drug license.

Associated principals (Goodbody Health Inc.): Geremy Tom, Founder & Executive Chair; Marc Howells CEO; Anne Tew CFO and Corporate Secretary.